Over 450 people attended CYM and Plast Camps over the Christmas holidays.

There were three camps open this year. One Plast camp at Colo River, just outside of Sydney, where about 80 people attended. There was another Plast camp at Sokil, near Geelong. About 150 people attended this Victorian camp.

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The Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) held a national camp Karpaty at Buxton near Marysville, Victoria. Over 230 people attended that one. There were good interstate numbers from Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and of course from Victoria.

Fr Oleh Stefanyshyn was the chaplain at the Colo River Camp. Fr Andriy Mykytyuk served at Sokil. Bishop Peter spent 4 days at Buxton and one day at Sokil.

Ukrainian Youth Camp

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These camps are very important community building experiences. Close bonds are made amongst the children.

The older folks spent the time in a camp atmosphere helping in the smooth running of the camps, visiting family, and deepening the bonds which makes our Ukrainian community strong.

What a way to finish the Year of Youth in such a successful atmosphere.

The presence of a chaplain over many days gave everyone a chance to meet and chat over a cup of coffee. The participants, in their group sessions with the various group leaders had the opportunity to share their common faith and heritage.

The camps of 2018 -19 were a real blessing to all who attended and met the criteria of giving the young the opportunity to build on their leadership skills and resilience. We thank and congratulate the group leadership of both organizations in preparing such a wonderful program for our Youth. What a way to finish the Year of Youth in such a successful atmosphere.

Bishop Peter Stasiuk C.Ss.R. AM