The Ukrainian Community is proud of its newest champion, Nicholas Price, son of Jason and Maria Price, and grandson of Ron and Stepfanie Price and Ivan and Stefka Semcesen.

Nicholas is twelve years old and only just old enough to compete nationally and internationally.  He has a sister Emily who is also training, but is only 10 years old.  Both started training when they were four years old.  Their sport is Taekwondo.

Earlier this year, Nicholas flew to Perth, for the national team selection. He competed in the 12 to 14 year old level.  At 12 years of age, he was the youngest in the category and was selected for the Australian national team.  His first competition was in the Sydney Open, where he won a silver medal.

In early November he flew to Edinburgh, Scotland for the Commonwealth Games.  There he won a silver medal in this international competition.

This year he has also found time to compete in the Oceania games in Sydney.  There he won silver again. In early December he attended the Australian National Championships in Adelaide, where he won two golds.  He is national champion in the individual and team competitions.  Nicholas is totally dedicated to taekwondo.  He trains three times a week and dedicates hours to his sport.  He wants to attend and win the world championships at the cadet level.  This competition is coming up soon.

Our Eparchy congratulates our newest and youngest champion, Nicholas Price. May God bless you!

Information (Wikipedia):

Taekwondo /ˌtaɪˌkwɒnˈdoʊ/ or /ˌteɪˌkwɒnˈdoʊ/ (Korean 태권도 (hangul) / 跆拳道 (hanja), [tʰɛk͈wʌndo]), also known as Taekwon-Do and Tae Kwon Do, is a Korean martial art. It combines combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise. Gyeorugi (pronounced [kjʌɾuɡi]), a type of sparring, has been an Olympic event since 2000. Taekwondo was developed by a variety of Korean masters during the 1940s as combination of Okinawan karate, Chinese martial arts, and the ancient Korean traditions taekkyeon and gwonbeop.

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