When we speak about our faith and about ourselves, some of the greatest questions we face, concern Jesus Christ. Two of these questions are – Who is Jesus Christ? And What does He mean to me personally?

Today’s Gospel presents us with a number of people who faced these questions. Some believed that Jesus is the Messiah, and their life was changed forever. There were those who were very interested, but made no changes to their lives, and there were those who saw Jesus and were not impressed. They rejected Him and even spoke badly of Him. This kind of encounter with Jesus takes place today in our own lives.

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Two of the men said, “Have mercy on us, Son of David”. The prayer for mercy, is a prayer to receive something that we do not deserve. It is important if we pray, we acknowledge that we are asking for something which is not rightfully ours. Jesus Christ can give us what we are seeking. This is the basis of faith and our relationship with God. We are not God, and we should acknowledge that God is superior to us.  Some people today cannot accept this. We are very often taught that we are somehow equal to God, and we should be capable of doing everything we want to.

Some see God as an old grandfather who loves His grandchildren so much that He can never see any wrong, regardless of what we do. They see a Jesus who can be ignored, treated very badly and some think that this Jesus will never do anything bad to them regardless of what they do. He will always give them what they want.

The Jesus of the Bible is kind, merciful, gentle and loving. But the Bible also plainly tells us that He is also a judge who will punish people for their sins and evil doings if we do not repent.

The two blind men in today’s Gospel ask Jesus for help even though they knew that they were not deserving of God’s help. But they knew who could help them.

You can describe faith as a bucket with which we can use to get God’s Grace without which we cannot be saved. We, by ourselves, cannot draw the water of God’s Grace from deep wells, unless we have this bucket. God’s grace is available to those who ask for it and use it.

The question we heard from Jesus today was, “Do you believe that I can do this for you”?  Is this a very important question. Following Jesus is a choice. It is a choice which puts us into a community of faith. This community is very important because it is the foundation on which our church is built. This is the family of God’s children. We need to be part of this family (church) to gain our eternal salvation.