As last Sunday’s Gospel suggests, Lent is a time for us to come and see Jesus. It is a time to recognize Jesus and a time to decide that we must commit ourselves to Him as His own children.

In today’s Gospel the church explains to us that on our road to see Jesus, there are going to be serious problems.

Jesus has enemies and problems. Just like we do today. Still He tells us that we will succeed.

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Jesus lives in a world where the scribes and Pharisees do not like Him. They will soon crucify Him.

Why do they not like Him? Actually, for no reason at all, they can’t believe the good that is being done. Many are being healed. Jesus speaks with authority. His is so loved that His people push towards Him. He forgives sins, He gives people hope.

His enemies can not stand Him. They want to destroy the love and faith of good people. We also see some of that in our world.

Today we are told a story of the paralysed man. He knows and loves Jesus as well, but he needs help. In his life and our own, there are big problems. They need to be solved if we are to meet Jesus. There is an effort needed if we want to meet Jesus. We need brave friends who know what they must do. This man’s friends must take the man onto the roof, make a hole in it, and then lower the paralysed man in front of Jesus.

There are many today who do not want to let the public know that they have problems, sometimes serious problems. On that day in Israel, there must have been people who thought that the paralysed man was not normal besides his illness. They might have laughed at him.

It takes courage to admit that we may be in need of help and that we may have serious problems ie drinking, narcotics, and other sins. Jesus, we know, is the only one who can help.

It is interesting that the first thing that Jesus says to the man, “my son, your sins are forgiven.” Sins! The man is paraplegic. He cannot walk. The Pharisees are shocked. How can this man forgive sins? They ask. They are stirring up the crowd. They want to destroy faith of good people.

Jesus says, which is easier to say, “Your sins are forgiven” or “take up your bed and walk”.

Faith can do anything, help people walk, restore blindness, help people to hear. Jesus is a person of power.

Sometimes our mass media, our secular culture, our politics, our neighbours are involved in trying to destroy faith as well. They will tell us not to bother going to church. The beach, sports, etc are better options.

In forgiving sins and healing a broken body, Jesus is telling us that our faith affects both body and soul. The Resurrection involves the body and soul. We only feel good when body and soul are healed.

Jesus is interested in our whole life. During lent let us try to come and see who Jesus really is.