Almost everywhere you turn these days, you hear people talking about a new way of doing things. The old ways, especially anything that has to do with Christians or churches is seen being out of touch. So many people see Christianity as being responsible for an oppressive morality which somehow takes away from human freedom. Common thought today seems to be that the human person is most fully human when separated from God.

This thinking claims that the final authority not only of all morality but even of human existence as well.

A lot of this actually was fully endorsed and supported by the United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy where he claimed in a pro-abortion ruling in 1992 that “at the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and the mystery of human life”.

In this ruling he basically declared that each human is a “god”. This is a fulfilment of the original temptation in the Garden of Eden to its fullest. We are, on our own, totally responsible for ourselves and the whole universe.

Beautiful thought but Christians believe that it’s not quite that simple. We believe that we indeed are worthy, but being children of God, we are created by God as is the world. God has a plan and a promise for us and that we exist only by the will of God. In order to fully understand ourselves, have complete freedom, we must understand ourselves as being pilgrims which witness our ultimate destiny in the next life in heaven.

Judge Kennedy has no afterlife in his dreams. It is all here and now and you are on your own.

Over recent years this new paganism has led us to attempt to redefine human sexuality, marriage and the family itself.

Recently we have seen this atheistic thinking form the basis of new legislation. It seems more new laws are coming to further enshrine this new secularistic thinking.

Those who choose to remain Christians will have to face a new effort at persecution. We are already hearing that laws should be passed which require priests to reveal what they hear in the confessional.

We have seen things like this before. The Romans for instance put people to death because they would only allow the worship of the Roman emperor. In the Soviet Union people were martyred because they refused to give their allegiance to atheistic materialism.

We are now progressing towards a position where people will not tolerate any Christian views. Some expect that public debate should be free of any religious belief or presupposition. Religion is now seen as a purely private matter.

People failing to realize that secular humanism is a belief system on its own, call for a total ban on any Christian views. Today we do not want any consideration of the Divine in the running of human society. This lack of faith is a “religion” by itself. Seeking freedom it deprives others of freedom.

Australia is still a Christian country but there is no doubt that even here forces opposed to faith are gaining strength, all this in an ill thought out search for freedom!

Picture design: Ivan Mysiv

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