Fr. Ihor, the new parish priest of our parish in New Zealand, arrived on Thursday, 27th February 2015. He has taken up residence at 2 Glen Oaks, St. Heliers, in Auckland, New Zealand. His phone number is 64 9 575 8767 ext. 203.

His first Divine Liturgy will be in Auckland at the above address on Sunday, 8th March 2015. Bishop Peter Stasiuk will be in Auckland from 12-16th March and liturgy will be held on Sunday 15th March.

Fr. Ihor will serve in the Blessed Mykola Charnetsky Parish which covers the whole country of New Zealand. It was officially set up on 28th July 2014 by a decree of Bishop Peter. Fr. Ihor will soon set up a schedule to visit all the people within the country.

Bishop Peter said “It is important that the Ukrainian people in New Zealand come together often, that they pray together, they become one community. New Zealand is the furthest distance from Ukraine in the world. Ukrainians in New Zealand can find comfort in relationships with each other. The church is here to help.

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