Published in Church and Life (1837) 5.7.2012-25.7.2012 No 11

It is becoming more and more evident that there is a serious crisis of faith in our church.  Our faithful simply do not know their faith or catechism.  One would presume that people would know what our church teaches, but it seems that in reality they do not.  We do, however, know much about the doctrines of the church, the bible and even about the liturgical practices of the church.  People tend to call every service in the church “Mass” while the Divine Liturgy (Mass) is the most important service.  There are over 20 other services that one can attend during the year.

It would seem that the media and current popular opinion of the world shape what we believe as being what is right or wrong. Therefore, people find that they believe the opposite of what the church teaches on such issues as marriage, abortion, euthanasia and a whole host of moral topics. The popular moral mentality is taken as absolutely the right thing to do.  If someone says that a particular opinion is against the teaching of the church and the Will of God, the common response is that the church should catch up with the times and in extreme circumstances, one might say that God is irrelevant.

Unfortunately, people simply do not know what the Catholic Church teaches.  More and more do not care.  This is a big problem which is now reflected in public statistics that more and more people have lost their faith and as a result stop going to church.  The church and her teachings are very important to all because our eternal salvation depends on it.

We are entering into a year which is called, “The year of faith”.  In Australia there will be many opportunities to recognise and to grow in our faith.  We have just published our new Ukrainian Catholic Catechism which the Holy Father himself has recently praised.  Our Patriarch, Sviatoslav has written a very important pastoral letter called, “A vibrant parish, a place to find Christ”.  Our Synod of bishops has recently published a plan which is called Vision 2020; an eight year plan of re-evangelization of our church around the world.  Our church has recognised the problem we have and wants to do something about it.

It is very important that each parish, parish council, priest, deacon and sisters in our Eparchy join together to realise these plans and take the opportunity before us, to re-awaken the faith of our Ukrainian Communities inAustralia.