Luke 12:16-21

If there is anything that the pandemic of the Corona Virus has taught us, is that you do not plan too far ahead and that there are no guarantees that they will be fulfilled.

I also had plans and hopes of being in Canada six months ago. But I am still here today talking to you in Melbourne. I have to accept that I may travel to Canada whenever God wills it and not as I was planning it.

Today in the gospel we hear about a man who is telling God his plans. He has enough of everything to be able to retire immediately. He does not have to work another day in his life. In his conversation with God he uses the word “I” 12 times. He got rich all on his own. Everything he has is for him alone.

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He shows no gratitude to God or to people who helped him. He does not thank God for good soil, good weather, good health, good workers. He thinks he is better than anyone else. He does not pray. He is a self made rich man. God calls him a “fool” because that very night he would be dead.

Even Albert Einstein said, “Success is reached when we develop an idea of service to others in need”.

You are successful when you stop looking for compliments, praise, publicity, and when we live in a constant search for money. When we are blessed financially, we can easily become arrogant and think that we are blessed because we are smarter, better, or just harder working than anyone else.

Success is living and believing that God lives in me and works though me.

Mother Theresa said, “God did not call me to be successful but to be faithful”.

As to success in Ukraine, we can look at St Andrew, the apostle. Almost 2,000 years ago he came to the hills around Kyiv. He preached the Word of God in the area, and only 1,000 years later, St Volodymyr baptized Ukraine in 988. St Andrew planted the seeds. It took a 1,000 years for them to develop.

It is not up to us to measure how successful we are. We leave that up to God.

Success in God’s eyes means that we are faithful to our vocation. It means that we are charitable, that we carry our cross, we live our life of service to our family life, our community life, and our Christian life.  Our financial blessings are simply God’s way of entrusting us with his money to do his work.

The poor help us to be successful. They help us with the ability to be thankful for what we have, and they will help us to hear the correct words we need to hear when it comes to meeting God at the last Judgement. “Well done good and faithful servant”. (Mt: 25, 21)