Christ is Born!

Beloved in Christ!

On this night all the roads to Bethlehem were  busy. Noise and commotion  was everywhere. Some people went by foot others on horseback, to find their place as quickly as possible in the warm arrivals area for travellers.

They went to Bethlehem to carry out the order of the Emperor. Among the crowd of people was one family who did not differentiate from others. A thoughtful man and his pregnant wife, whose time had come to give birth. They were also looking for a place for themselves, but everyone closed their doors to them.

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On this night of indifference, God was born, who came in the guise of a small baby, He asked people for a room, but nobody accepted him. The Eternal God was born during the time when everyone was engaged in their own affairs and nobody was waiting for him. It was a strange night, but even stranger, was God’s love to the people. He comes, looking like a small baby, in order that nobody is afraid to come to him. He comes to everyone to ignite the light of his presence where there is darkness; in order to light love in everyone’s heart, to those who despair; to heal the broken, and for  those who lower their hands. He comes to be at one with us. We don’t need to look for big signs, to meet him. He gifts everyone Bethlehem’s star and song of angels, who show the correct road to the birth of God.

Let’s pause for a moment and understand  that God was born not only in Bethlehem, but He is born today where hearts are open to Him. He is born in this restless year of 2021, to share with us the dark nights in our lives, and everything that troubles us.

On this Christmas Evening, I greet everyone of you on this Great Feast. I send my sincere greetings to all believers of the Melbourne eparchy. May the Newborn Baby Jesus bless you and warms all of you and your families with His grace and love.

Christ is Born!  Let us glorify Him!

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