The Cathedral, Geelong, and Ardeer parishes have reported very good crowds at this year’s Easter celebrations. At the Cathedral in North Melbourne, two choirs shared the singing. Symon Kohut’s choir lead the singing on Good Friday and Holy Saturday. The Cathedral choir sang the Divine Liturgy on Easter Sunday morning.

On Saturday evening the Cathedral was standing room only, along with a large number outside the Cathedral and also a full church hall which had a live stream broadcast from the church. The evening service was broadcast live around the world through the internet. Close to 2000 people watched it over the internet. 40% of these were from Australia 20% from Ukraine, 20% from Canada and the rest of from the rest of the world. The computer showed the large number watched it from Africa. Our Patriarchal website had advertised the webcast schedule.

Something we all can be proud of is the fact that the hymn of “Plotiiu”, the central hymn of the Easter matins was very unique. The original music to this classical and ancient hymn was composed by Symon Kohut. It was amazing. What a talented composer we have amongst us. This livestream webcast is still available simply by hitting the link on our website.

Vespers with the exposition of the Holy Shroud and Matins at Ukrainian Ss. Peter & Paul Cathedral in North Melbourne

Easter Matins at Ukrainian Ss. Peter & Paul Cathedral in North Melbourne

Divine Liturgy on Easter Sunday

Bishop Peter on Bright Monday in Geelong Parish