On Sunday, September 13, 2020, during the 5th All-Ukrainian Youth Festival “Wind in Action”, an online meeting with His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk will take place.

The event will be a unique opportunity for young people around the world to join the live conversation with the Head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church and ask questions live. Anyone can submit their question, but you must first fill out a Google form. With the help of random.org, the festival organizers will select about 10 people who will be able to put their question to His Beatitude in person during the live broadcast. The results will be published on September 5 on the festival’s Facebook page [HERE].

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His Beatitude Sviatoslav, speaking to young people, said, “Crisis is a test of our mercy, an opportunity for kindness and serving. We want you, young people in particular, to know that your Mother Church is experiencing these trials together with you, surrounding and accompanying you and your loved ones with unceasing prayer” “Today, more than ever, is the time for your boldest dreams: conquering space, discovering the cure for cancer, overcoming epidemics, building a just economic system, protecting the sick and infirm, looking for alternative energy sources, designing means of transportation not harmful to the planet, and so on. Dream big! Desire great things!”

Source: CREDO

*(Viter Na-dii is a play on words that works well in Ukrainian. As explained in wikipaedia, it was chosen to underscore the goals of the Festival that has taken place four times previously. It can mean “Wind of Hope (nadii) and Wind on Action (na diyi)” i.e. fanning the flames of action)(It also serves as an acronym in Ukrainian for “Free-Ambitious-Creative-Energetic-Joyful young people“)

Viter Na-dii Winds of Hope can be accessed via FaceBook [HERE]

See the Ukrainian Catholic Church website [HERE]