On Sunday, 11th August 2019, the parishioners of the North Melbourne Cathedral Parish showed their compassion for the poor and unfortunate of Melbourne.

Over the last month the Ukrainian Women’s League has been collecting food for the poor on the streets of Melbourne.

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Literally a truck load of non-perishable food was collected to be distributed this week to the Fr. Bob Maguire Foundation. So many of our parishioners have contributed to the cause.

May God Bless you all!

Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Australia – an organisation that embraces Ukrainian Catholic Women  in faith and friendship,  where they can embrace their God given vocation, share their talents and make a sincere gift of self  to others.

The League’s objectives are, therefore based on Catholic Faith in Jesus Christ and the mission of His church. UCWLA welcomes all denominations and nationalities to work on League projects and unite together at UCWLA functions.

Father Bob Maguire foundation

The Father Bob Maguire foundation was established by the irrepressible father bob maguire in 2003, the latest of many community initiatives he has inspired to uphold the dignity and social rights of the masses.

The Community Pantry is a program initiated and run by Father Bob Maguire foundation and is a welcoming place for members of the community who are experiencing food insecurity and hardship due to the escalating cost of living. Contents of hampers are chosen by clients from a range of healthy options. The experience is like shopping at your friendly neighbourhood grocer. Families have all the ingredients they need for yummy dinners and nutritious school lunches for the kids.