Easter needs to be experienced, and each of us comes to believe in a unique way.

Even after the Resurrection those who worked with Jesus were convinced about the reality of the Resurrection in different ways. Mary Magdalene first saw Jesus outside the grave and spoke to Him. She told the apostles about it. Two other disciples walked with Him to Emmaus for a whole day, and only recognized Him when He broke the bread. The apostles recognized Him when He walked into a locked room. Thomas only recognized Him when he put his fingers into His side.

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Each of us is unique. Each of us has our own problems, but we all know that we want to meet our God. Left on our own without Jesus, we are filled with sadness and fear just as the disciples were.

The corona virus has led us to experience a number of fears. We face illness for which there is no cure. There are economic pressures for many. Wars in many parts of the globe are raging. There are potential rumours of more war outbreaks.  We have private worries as well. Bad news from doctors, family life problems, careers in crisis to name a few.

As in the past and today, people come to Jesus and experience God Grace in different ways. We, with Thomas, must be able to proclaim, “You are my Lord and My God.”

You would think that Jesus would somehow want to scold and punish all those who, through their weakness, betrayed Him. But NO, He shows them His wounds, and tells them that He loves them and that instead He gives them peace. He also gives them the Holy Spirit. He trusts them. He tells them to go out into the world and to forgive people their sins because He has overcome sin with His suffering.

He tells them to go into every corner of the world, to preach and to convert all into believers.

The resurrection has changed everything. The weak become the leaders. The Lord God has become a servant. We should not doubt but believe.

There is hope in this life for all of us. None of us should think that we are not worthy. In God’s world it is the unworthy who repent and are forgiven and are given God’s grace.

We must become involved, on the family level, on the parish level, on the community level, on the worldwide church level. We get involved as youth, single people, married people, and as people with religious vocations.

Each of us has an obligation before God to spread His peace and love. Each of us come to realize it in a different way. That is okay as long as we come to the conclusion that despite our past, talents, and work, we all have to stop doubting and get involved in God’s work.

Bishop Peter Stasiuk C.Ss.R. AM