Eparchial Coordinators of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchies of North America and Australia are meeting in Philadelphia – 19 -22 November 2013

Most Rev. Stefan Soroka, Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia is hosting this Coordinators’ annual meeting.

Most Reverend Ken Nowakowski, Head of the Implementation Team of the Vibrant Parish program along with the Coordinators will discuss the Directions of Development of the Church, Church Structures, and Eparchial Sobors leading up to the Patriarchal Sobor in 2015 on the Theme of the Vibrant Parish. During the meeting the Eparchial Coordinators will share their activities reports over the last year. This meeting is the first of three meetings of the Eparchial Coordinators from throughout the world.  The next Coordinators’ meeting will be held next week in Rome for Central & Eastern Europe and South America.  The first week of December Coordinators from Ukraine and the East will meet in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.