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On Sunday  we celebrated First Holy Confession and today Solemn Holy Eucharist. We greet all Solemn

Holy Communion participants:

Ryan Andrew, Taylah Andrew, Kai Andrew Axten, Ashleigh Borserio, Sarah Andrea Ckuj, Macleod Suntesic-Elliott, Bianka Ann Grunik, Joel Husiak, Zoriana Stephanie Krupa, Stefan Kohut, Marko Lescesin, Jasmine Pengelly, Ayla Sagdic, Liam Sikora, Anastasia Stokhla, Jack Stephen Tandy, Celin Maria Uzel, Bianca Zacharko

We greet their parents and families – godparents and grandparents. We greet all the clergy and especially

the Sisters of St. Basil who placed much preparation and important work with the children to celebrate this

very important feast in our Cathedral parish. We also wish our dear children that they stay open with their

hearts to Jesus with whom they form a special bond today and that His blessings upon them today extend

over all their lives and enable them to grow for His glory, for the good of our parish and the joy of their

parents. May Jesus bless all of you and fills your hearts with joy, love and peace!