On Friday afternoon of 4th January, 2014 the Cathedral parish of Sts Peter & Paul held its first pastoral planning meeting in the Vision 2020 process: Counting Our Blessings. The meeting was presided over by Stephan Romaniw in his capacity as chair of the Cathedral parish council. About 35 people, mostly drawn from the laity of the parish, attended. The parish clergy including the parish priests of the Cathedral, Ardeer and Geelong, and the sisters from both the Basilian and Sister Servants of Mary Immaculate congregations were present. Ukrainian school principals, Maria Cikoja and Maria Vander Werf as well as Parish Councillors attended the meeting. Maru Jarockyj, president of the Eparchial Council also participated in proceedings.

The afternoon began with a scripture prayer reflection led by Sr Lukia, OSBM.

Bishop Peter delivered a welcome and a substantial address on the notion of faith in the modern world and the role of the bishop as the focus of unity in the Church.

Fr Brian explained the process and distributed the fill-in pages from the handbook. The main task was to review those things that we already do well as a parish of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church; and then record that information. Group leaders had been appointed for each group to manage the group process and report back to the plenary session.

Sr Maria, SSMI concluded the meeting with a reflection.

Questions were taken by Bishop Peter.

Fr Brian announced that a subsequent session would meet and deliberate on the theme Dreaming Our Dreams. However, session 1 will be repeated for youth and other target groups.

It has also been agreed that the next eparchial sobor will be on Vision 2020. A committee has been appointed under the leadership of Bishop Peter; the date has yet to be set. The current pastoral planning sessions are preparatory to a parish sobor, an eparchial sobor and finally a patriarchal sobor in 2015.

The afternoon concluded with a communal meal and many worthwhile conversations about the events of the afternoon.