Luke 14:16-24

When we look at our life, we will notice that we actually have more free time than our ancestors did.

Modern technology and resources mean that we certainly can do, household chores, acquire food and do our work more efficiently than our ancestors did. A hundred years ago, very few people could take time for a vacation.

When it comes to God, our grandparents spent much more time with God than we seem to do today.

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Today we all seem to be too busy for church attendance, too busy for prayer, too busy for children, too busy for family meals together and too busy to help those who need attention from us. We are so busy that things of the soul get crowded out. We are very busy and presume that others are just as busy. In John 1. 11 we read that “He came to his own, and yet His own did not accept Him”.

Todays Gospel is about how everybody was so busy that none of them could come to the banquet, which you know, means to the Kingdom of God. They were too busy to go to heaven.

We know what this means. They were too busy doing their own things. They made life all about their own life and issues. They forgot that they, as children of God, had obligations about spiritual matters. They made themselves as the centre of all their attention, rather than God. He demands that we make Him as a priority in our lives.

Our ancestors, as busy as they were, always found time for God. When they woke up, before they ate, before they did important work, ie harvest, every Sunday and holiday they were in Church. They were Christ centred.

Today we wouldn’t even think of our life as having such a routine. It, unfortunately for many, has become, “all about ourselves”.

When Jesus says, “Come to Me”, He knows:

  • How much we need real peace, hope, love and meaning in life.
  • What destroys us.
  • What it means to be a person in need.
  • What it means to be sick, aged, lonely.
  • What it means to be afraid of death.
  • What it means to be uncertain.
  • What it means to suffer.
  • That we need our sins our sins forgiven.
  • That we need someone to talk to.
  • That we need unity with Him, therefore He gives us the Holy Eucharist.
  • That there is life after death.
  • That we will all meet again.

We also need to know and believe this, and all that Jesus has taught us. We do not want to be excluded from the Kingdom of God.

Our Church Fathers tell us, that the servant who is sent out on the streets and roads of the world to fill the hall of the empty banquet, is Jesus Christ Himself. Today the church has the same mission.

As God says in the Gospel, “I want my house to be full. I tell you that not one of those invited shall taste a morsel of My dinner”. (Luke 14:24). These are very strong words.