7-9 April Fr. Ihor Kolisnyk, a Redemptorist, who is the Eparchial Priest in New Zealand, conducted a retreat at Melbourne Cathedral.

Over a period of 3 days Fr. Ihor Kolisnyk spoke about 6 times in the Cathedral sharing with parish his thoughts about The Joy Of The Kingdom, hence preparing us for the great feast of the Resurrection. Watch a video of his preach.

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“Word had got around that he spoke to the heart of everyone present. The mission was very well attended. In his message, he addressed the various age groups in the church’’ – said Bishop Peter Stasiuk about the Perish Mission.

“I was moved by his talk on faith. Faith is our relationship with God, faith is a journey, faith cannot stand still, it needs to move and grow, it is a commitment. Faith leads us in different paths, some are difficult, some we need to help and support others, and do good deeds. And believe that Jesus is our closest and dearest friend, never forget about Him, always keep Him close to our hearts, He is always there for us” – admitted Theresa Jaworski who attended the retreat.