On Sunday the 22nd of September, members of CYM Melbourne went on a leadership hiking camp. The program begun at the 8 am Divine Liturgy at Ss Pater and Paul Cathedral. The hikers gave thanks to God and prayed with the community before leaving on the hike. The CYM organisation in Melbourne has had a consistently positive spiritual development aspect of their program and a close relationship with the parish. This seen when grandparent, parents and children pray together on Sundays. Most of the campers are children who are lucky enough to go to worship with their parents and grandparents. Most of the grandparents were the original parishioners who built this and other churches. His Beatitude Patriarch Sviatoslav encourages us to discover Christ in our vibrant parishes. It is activities like this. The idea of starting your hike praying the Divine Liturgy with your friends and relatives, makes our parish a vibrant religious community. We give thanks to the parents and grandparents who raised their children in the faith and continue to build a vibrant community. It is satisfying that the hikers chose Church and liturgy as the starting point of their hike. Rt Rev. Olexander Kenez