For a parish to be a community, people simply have to talk. It often is as simple as that. There are parishes around the world where people come to liturgy, get in the car and go home. This is definitely not the case in Ss. Peter and paul Parish in North Melbourne. Here people go straight from the Divine Liturgy to the cafe Trembita.

Now, the cafe Trembita has a classic commercial coffee machine, which can and does cater to every possible coffee need at the same if not higher level at a coffee shop. The choice of beans is remarkable as well. There is also the bread shop. The breads are baked by a Ukrainian bakery. A significant array of Ukrainian bread styles are available.

Then comes the Ukrainian kitchen, producing all the Ukrainian culinary old favourites. This is not all. You eat, while watching Ukrainian videos and news broardcasts, on a floor to ceiling projector. When you are ready to go home, you may care to drop in on the shop. This shop is a delicatessen. The parish deli provides all sorts of culinary and souvenir products, mainly from Ukraine. You can get a vast selection of products here.

All of this provides to a brilliant club type environment where parishioners and clergy gather and simply talk together, and interact. For those who have been coming here over the years, this is indeed a home away from home, where you gather and talk with your extended family. Rt Rev. Olexander Kenez