Church and Life Ukrainian newspaper of the ukrainians in Australia has welcomed an old friend back. As of January 2014, Bohdan Rudnytski has resumed his role as Ukrainian Editor of the Eparchial newspaper. Fr. Ihor Bakaj replaced him 9 years ago. Bohdan had then been the editor for 10 years from 1994 – 2004. Fr. Ihor has been transferred to the Geelong Parish and it has become very difficult for him to continue his role with the newspaper.

Mr. Symon Kohut will continue to be the English editor of the newspaper. He has filled this role for 4 years.

The paper is now published about every 4 weeks; it serves a very important role in the Ukrainian Community in Australia. Our parishioners continue to support it and depend on it for news and information.

Church and Life will also go online, on to the Eparchial website, in the near future. An online presence is a very important element in communicating in today’s world.

The church is committed to reaching all of its faithful throughout Australia. Especially as many people live great distances away from the church and from each other. It helps to narrow that gap.

The eparchy sincerely thanks Fr. Ihor Bakaj for his nine years of service to Church and Life. We welcome Mr. Bohdan Rudnytski back, and thank Symon Kohut for his continued dedication. May God Bless you all.