From Betty
I have an Ukrainian background, and I have three children. My first child was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church and the remaining children in the Byzantine rite. Now I have a slight problem. My first is now in the 8th grade and is not yet confirmed since he was baptized in the Western rite. I attend an Ukrainian church and very much want to have him confirmed there. Should I proceed with him going to a Ukrainian priest or should I “stick” with the Roman Catholic church? My oldest has received other sacraments in the Byzantine rite as well as the rest of the children. My heart is set on the Ukrainian Church. What “procedures” would he go through in the Ukrainian church for his preparation?
Thank you very much for your answer.



There is a simple solution to this problem. Ask the priest at your Ukrainian Catholic parish to Chrismate your 8th grade child. As your family is Ukrainian Catholic your priest will be willing to do this. He may do so at the beginning of the Divine Liturgy or at some other time. Your parish priest may in this case require some religious education of your son in preparation for his Chrismation. Even though your eldest child was Baptized by a priest using the Latin Rite, he retains the rite of his family of origin. This is even more so when a child of his age desires this course of action.