Again this year, as in the past, Bishop Peter celebrated Divine Liturgy in a different parish during each of the three days of Christmas. The Cathedral, Geelong and Ardeer were on the list this year. Photos

All three churches recorded large crowds during the holiday season. The cathedral was packed – it was very pleasing to see so many young children and young people. This is despite the fact that Christmas on the Julian Calendar was on Tuesday January 7th, a working day. People took the day off from work.

Bishop Peter spoke about the many blessings that our church has received, and the hope it has for the future. He referred to the fact that in two other holy occasions in the world, the creation of the world and Adam and Eve and the story of Bethlehem at Christmas, the evil one managed to make a significant impact. The temptation in paradise and the evil of King Herod in Israel.

The Bishop stressed that Christians must always be watchful to avoid division and tension because God is with us, and gives us the grace to create a strong Christian family and the ability to build a better community life. He also encouraged those who do not worship regularly, not to reject the only one who can guarantee our future – Jesus, born at Christmas, in the manger!

Bishop Peter tries to visit all parishes in the Eparchy at least once a year, to keep up contact with all the faithful.

This year, 2014, will be a very special year as His Beatitude, our Patriarch Sviatoslav, will visit Australia from September 14th to 28th.

Vision 2020, a program of our church, has been a main theme of all church activity lately and it was stressed by the Bishop again during the Christmas visits.