On 25th April, 2016, Nepal suffered a major earthquake. More than 8,790 people died and over 22,000 were injured. Over 8 million people were affected.

The international community generously responded with millions of dollars of aid. Since the quake, Caritas Nepal has worked on shelter, water, sanitation, and health of the citizens of Nepal. Caritas Australia was chosen to play the leading co-ordination role in the recovery process.

The relief agencies from around the world that took part in the recovery process have been called to Nepal 25th-27th April, 2016, to acknowledge the tragic event, to learn how the affected people are coping one year later, to understand what has been done, and to learn from the experience of conducting relief aid. Caritas Nepal also wants the world to understand what lays ahead for the country and its people.

Bishop Peter Stasiuk is the vice chair of Caritas Australia. He has been invited to attend the events in Kathmandu in a few weeks. About eight Bishops from other countries will attend as well.

Caritas Australia, which has already donated over 4 million dollars to Nepal, will also be represented by Paul O’Callaghan, the CEO of Caritas Australia, and Humanitarian Emergency manager Melville Fernandez.

Bishop Peter said “Helping our brothers and sisters in need any place in the world is an important part of our Christian faith.”

Picture resourse: http://www.healtogether.org/