The Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM) held its national camp at Colo River in New South Wales from December 26th to January 3rd. Peter Duma, the leader of CYM worldwide, was in charge of the camp. Approximately 70 young people and 40 parents attended the annual camp, whose theme was “Remember Your Heritage.”


Father Oleh Stefanyshyn and Father Simon Ckuj were present for the opening of the camp. Bishop Peter spent 3 days at camp; he arrived on Friday December 27th with Father Simon. He then celebrated the Divine Liturgy with Father Simon on Sunday December 29th.


The visiting clerics conducted a number of discussions with campers in the various age groups present at the camp. The visit of our Patriarch Sviatoslav and his program for renewal (Vision 2020) were the main topics of discussion.


Vision 2020 has an 8 year plan for the renewal of our parishes. Bishop Peter stressed that it was about “building community.” Each parish will be asked to conduct a local Sobor; this will be followed with an Eparchial Sobor, and in 2015 with a Patriarchal Sobor in Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine. The Vision 2020 process will involve all Ukrainians in renewal.


There was a very healthy atmosphere at the camp, there was swimming, games, music, teaching and of course good food! This camp was, as all camps are, an excellent opportunity to strengthen family and community life.