On Wednesday 24 September, Patriarch Sviatoslav, along with Bishop Peter Stasiuk and Rev. Frs. Zenon Racki, Taras Gorpynyak and Simon Ckuj, celebrated Divine Liturgy at Saint Volodymyr and Olha Parish in Woodville, Adelaide at 7 o’clock in the morning. The midweek morning Liturgy was attended by a large number of parishioners who all sang the Liturgy. At the conclusion of the Liturgy Patriarch Sviatoslav presented Fr. Zenon and the parish an antemins containing the relics of Ukraine’s blessed matyr Bishop Mykola Chernetsky.

After the Liturgy, all were invited to the parish hall for a Breakfast with the Patriarch, which was beautifully prepared by our Sestrytstvo – Church Sisterhood, chaired by Mrs. Maria Oleksyn. Fr. Zenon then presented Patriarch Sviatoslav with a sizable gift of donations from our parishioners for the Patriarch to continue his good work in Ukraine. Patriarch Sviatoslav then addressed those present about the Churches’ work in Ukraine, especially in the war ravaged eastern oblasts, and thanked all for their prayers and gifts.

Breakfast, and the visit to Adelaide, finished all too soon, as Patriarch Sviatoslav had to leave for Canberra for the next stage of his visit to Australia.

Photograph headings.

01. Divine Liturgy at Saint Volodymyr and Olha Parish in the suburb of Woodville in Adelaide – South

Australia at 0700 a.m. with Rev. Fr. Zenon Racki, Rev.Fr. Taras Gorpynyak, Patriarch Sviatoslav,

Bishop Peter Stasiuk and Rev. Fr. Simon Ckuj.

02. Patriarch Sviatoslav

03. Divine Liturgy – Rev. Fr. Simon Ckuj, Bishop Peter Stasiuk, Patriarch Sviatoslav, Rev. Fr. Zenon

Racki and Rev. Fr. Taras Horpynyak.

04. Church of Saints Volodymyr and Olha in Adelaide.

05. Holy Communion

06. Patriarch Sviatoslav.

07. Rev.Fr. Zenon receiving the gift of the antemins and CD from Patriarch Sviatoslav.

08. Prayer and blessing of the breakfast meal in the parish hall. Fr. Zenon, Fr. Taras, Patriarch

Sviatoslav and Bishop Peter.

09. Breakfast table with Oksana Klymonchuk, Marusia Jarockyj, Fr. Simon Ckuj, Patriarch Sviatoslav, Bishop

Peter Stasiuk, Fr. Taras and Mrs. Natalia Gorpyniak, and Mrs. Oksana Kosak – chair of our neighbouring

Wayville Parish.

10. Fr. Zenon on a light note has everyone smiling. With Oksana Klymonchuk, Nadia Racki, Marusia

Jarockyj, Fr. Simon, Patriarch Sviatoslav, Bishop Peter and Fr. Taras.

11. Fr. Zenon presenting Patriarch Sviatoslav with our gift from Saint Volodymyr and Olha Parish.

12. Patriarch Sviatoslav addresses those present.

13. Our parishioners.

14. Patriarch Sviatoslav with Mr. Ostap Gorgula who will be celebrating his birthday – 100 years !!!