There have been queries about Ask the Priest

It has not been eliminated. We had to change our website as the original one had been badly hacked. The new one is slightly different but nearly all  of the old features have been retained.

To see “Ask the Priest ” in the new website go to HOME. This is the main page when you log on. Under the heading ” Ukrainian Catholic Church  you will see a coloured banner

The first three headings are Home, Calendar and “Ask the Priest. When you press “Ask the Priest” you will see the page which explains how to become involved and there is a list of previous questions and answers.

There are two other places where you can find “Ask the Priest”.

On the left side menu you may see the most recent in RECENT ARTICLES.

Or the best is on the left side menu scroll down to CATERGORIES and the first on is “Ask the Priest.

All Questions and answers are there as well.

Due to the change we did not put in old one but if anyone wants them then email to me and I will try to help.

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