In the Old Testament in the book of Genesis we read about Joseph and his brothers. They lived in Israel. The brothers of Joseph, in a time of need, sold their youngest brother, Joseph, into slavery into Egypt. Joseph did well in Egypt and when he grew up he became the prime minister of Egypt.

Because of a drought, the brothers had to move to Egypt but because they realized that they had committed a great sin to their brother, they feared he would kill them all, so they sent a message to Joseph to beg him for forgiveness. Joseph, a holy man, told them, “Fear not, for am I in the place of God? You did evil to me, but God meant it for good”.

We are tempted to make judgements about others, but we should ask ourselves, “Am I in the place of God?”

Before we start making judgements about the moral and motives of others, we need to understand what is going on in the heart and soul of other people. Some people think that they know everything, assume that all wisdom is in them, that only their ideas are good, and therefore try to manage other people’s lives.

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God Himself does not do this. We have a free will. God wants us to choose good acts, but patiently waits for us to change our hearts.

Still, we keep playing the role of God. We are never wrong. It is always the other person. We can never understand why some people are weak.

We even play God in prayer. We tell God what the problem is and then tell Him what to do and become disillusioned when we do not feel that God is listening. Some even stop believing in God.

Today’s Gospel tells us that we cannot have two masters. We have to know how and why we were created. We have to know God and we have trust in God and we have to know ourselves.

To serve God, to listen to Him and so His will, we have to be honest and humble before Him. The Gospel says that we have to trust in God. Look at the flowers. Look at the birds. God looks after them and He will look after us, who are His children.

A Christian knows who he is and what he can and cannot do.

As we have read today, “Seek first His kindship over you, His way of holiness, and all these things will be given to you”. Your Heavenly Father know what you need.