Something very interesting is emerging in the Ukrainian Catholic Church and in many churches around the world.  People are starting to pay special attention to the details about their own funerals and what is to happen to their properties after they die.

 InNorth America, for instance, Eparchies are beginning to give instructions to their faithful to include how and where they wish to be buried.  Why? – Because people are noticing the strange things that are happening to their friends, neighbours or parishioners after their death.  Some good and faithful Ukrainian Catholics who only knew our church, our customs and traditions are now being buried as Buddhists, Hindus, Jehovah Witnesses or they are cremated without a funeral service.  The list goes on.

 Why is this happening?  Sometimes their children or those responsible for burying them are no longer members of our church or our Ukrainian community, or have they have joined some other church or just do not care. 

 It is obvious that parents or grandparents, who have God-fearing, church attending children, have nothing to worry about as to how their funerals will take place.  Their children will usually do the right thing.  But what happens if you can see that your children already do not have the same values as your have and, despite all the promises in the world, do not do what you would want and will not bury you according to your wishes?

 That is why some Eparchies are issuing a reminder for people to be more specific in their last Wills and Testaments as to how and where they want to be buried.  It is actually more beneficial to include as many details as possible.  It is also a good idea to talk to the children about these details well in advance.

 This is all good advice because we are now seeing the same problems occurring inAustralia.

 Sometimes we may think that since we have a number of children and some of them go to church everything will turn out fine.  Why take this chance; because even one of the children who is outside the church can and may cause religious problems when it comes to the funeral.  Therefore, it is definitely a good idea to include specific instructions in your last Will.  This will then eliminate future potential difficulties and you can be certain that your instructions will be followed.