Social mediaSocial media today plays very important role between people. Thanks to new communication  instruments on the internet, people accrossing througth distance. From now in Facebook you can speak with your friends and recieve updates from all around the World.

Social media give you a possibility to open your talents, thoughts, knowledge and beauty. This kinds of activity is free, without any censors, because here rules the freedom of writing.

Thanks to the blessing of bishop Peter Stasiuk, bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, we want to present our new web site But this is not the end. We are going on. From Now our Eparchy and your Church in close to you througth social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Special update is that we present to you our WEB TV Channel in YouTube. There you will find video from last years, like 7 days from World Youth Day 2008 and over. Also we will publish new events from our daily life and ministry.

So, let’s be in contact through social media