An opportunity to stop, reflect and pray with family and friends in your home.

Blessed Volodymyr Pryjma is the Patron Saint of Laity.

On Sunday 1st of March, we will begin with the Divine Liturgy at 9.30 am, at which his relics will be present at the Cathedral.

Parishioners of all suburbs in Cathedral parish are invited to invite local parishioners to their homes for an evening of prayer, and fellowship.

The parish will provide an Icon, short prayer service and a programme for the evening. You provide the tea/coffee and biscuits for those who come.

This is a wonderful opportunity to STOP, REFLECT and PRAY as a small local community. Plan to participate.

Parishioners are asked to book themselves in for the travelling Icon of Blessed Volodymyr Pryjma, as soon as possible.

This can be done upstairs at Café Trembita with Mr Michael Moravski, by phone 9320 2566 ( Tues, Thurs, Fri), or email – [email protected] (attention Mary Kostraby – Icon Volodymyr Pryjma coordinator).

Timetable will be published in the coming weeks of the homes that the icon will be travelling to and the exact process of the evening at your homes.

Volodymyr Pryima's relicsBlessed Volodymyr Pryjma was a Ukrainian Greek Catholic choir director and martyr.

He was born on July 17, 1906 in the village of Stradch, in the Yavoriv District of Western Ukraine, near the former Polish border. He graduated from a school for cantors, which was at that time under the care of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, and then he was made the cantor and choir director in the local village church in Stradch. Pryjma was married with two young children.

According to all accounts, Pryima was martyred on June 26, 1941, after he accompanied his parish priest, Fr. Nicholas Conrad (Fr. Mykola Konrad), to visit a sick woman who requested the Sacrament of Reconciliation. While returning through the forest near their town, they were detained by agents of the NKVD. The NKVD was a department of the Soviet government responsible for overseeing police work and running prison and labor camps.

Agents of the NKVD tortured and murdered Pryima and Fr. Nicholas. His body was not discovered until one week after the murder. He had been stabbed through the chest several times with a bayonet.

Having given his life for the faith, Pryima has been recognized as a martyr. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on June 27, 2001. Fr. Conrad was likewise beatified simultaneously and both are recognized as “blessed.”