Geelong News
For Sunday 19.08.2012
Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ Having become more confirmed in our commitment to Christ we will probably appreciate even more our many wonderful church traditions. For example,  when celebrate the feast of Transfiguration on  August the 19th it is a good time to encourage families to bring fruits of the earth to church for blessing in beautifully decorated baskets with our embroidery in a similar manner as we do it at Easter. Such a tradition can reawaken our gratitude to God for who we are, and for the many gifts that we are endowed with so generously.
On Sunday 19th August 2012 in our Parish we are celebrating a feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ (Lk 9.28-36).  Our Parish would like to introduce the Ukrainian custom of families bringing a basket of fruit for blessing at the end of Divine Liturgy, to celebrate this Feast Day  – similar concept to when we bring a our traditional Easter baskets at Easter time. We welcome you; please join us in that day!