In today’s Gospel (Luke 8:26-39) we read about a man who is being pulled to pieces. He has many demons in him. Jesus asks the demons what is their name? They answer “legion” because there is so many of them.

There are demons of hate, revenge, resentment, greed, guilt, fear, stress, conflict, and many others. People today have to struggle with many demons. This conflict leads to major divisions in families, communities, and nations.

The lessons of the two world wars in the last century have taught us a lot about unity and division. During the First World War, most participating countries had their own generals and command. Many people were killed. The war lasted a long time and ended more or less in a stalemate. This led to the necessity of a Second World War. This time the western allies, having learnt their lesson, united all their forces under one unified command. The war ended, and there has been no continuation of that war since.

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Jesus is telling us that if we live at war within ourselves and between one another, we then cannot get anything right and live in confusion.

Jesus puts it this way. We cannot serve God and mammon (money). We have to make a choice. We cannot have it both ways. Otherwise we will only pay lip service to God and live in the sinful world.

There is a real lesson here for our families, communities, parishes, country, and world.

Jesus says that we should seek first the Kingdom of God.

We were created to be in unity with our maker. That is when we are most happy and feel at peace with ourselves.

It is interesting that Jesus asks the man possessed by demons to tell everyone what God has done for him. Obviously, this is important. Good news is not meant to be kept in secret. Our light is not meant to be put under a bushel basket. The good news of the gospel is meant to be shared. Joy is to be shared because it affects others. They need to know and share this love that we experience. When the demons left the man, the man himself expresses the desire to be with Jesus. He knew that the purpose of life is to be united with Christ. That is possible now that the demons have left him.

We pray that the divisions and conflicts in our lives may be solved through our own unity with Jesus Christ.


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