The 63 Years for Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations acknowledges the significant role Church and Life has played in Australia

After 63 years of publication, we say farewell to the printed version of Church and Life. A valuable newspaper that served the Eparchy of Sts Peter and Paul in Australia, NZ, Oceania, and Australia’s Ukrainian Community. It has provided valuable information by publishing a range of articles on religious, educational and social topics about Ukraine pre-1991, keeping the community informed on the situation in Ukraine and post-1991, providing vital information on Ukraine’s road to Statehood. It has kept the community informed on community activity, assisting in welding the community nationally and locally.

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Starting as a magazine and then turning into a newspaper, it became a widely read publication. While it will cease as written publication, it will serve as a huge asset in terms of archival information in writing our history. In 1960 first published in Sydney under the stewardship of the late Rev Father Sewciw and the late Prof Evhen Zawalensky, Sophia Zawalnsky was also involved. A strong promoter of the paper was the Late Most Rev Bishop Ivan Prasko.

Over the years, many editors worked to produce quality publications. The paper was published bimonthly and published weekly. Yurij Wenhlowsky, followed by Myrsolav Boluch, edited the paper. The publishing House Prosvita became a significant part of publishing anything from leaflets for community events to books, calendars, wedding invitations and many other publications.

The Sister of St Basil took on this mission and ran the printing house. Many can remember the days of lead setups – people such as Yurij Kocuimbas and Dmytro Moravski doing the setting. Who can forget the hard work of Stefan Prus. Bishop Peter Peter Stasiuk also saw the importance and put his mark on the paper and started to publish his thoughts in every edition. The new set of editors worked with Bishop Peter to grow the paper.

Printing was outsourced, but we should remember those who came and continue to come to fold the paper, attach address labels, and arrange the mail out. Editors of the period were Bohdan Rudnytski, who came from Ukraine and made his mark. Others were were Slawko Bojczuk, Fr Ihor Bakaj, Felix Figurek, Maryana Davydovska. During different periods Fr Oleksander Kenez, and Fr Struk played administrative roles. The English section responding to the changing dynamics of the community also grew. The editors were Symon Kohut, Tetiana Lawriwsky, Iordan Kohut, Andrij Mychalyk, Theresa Romaniw and Alexandra Bermyk. The paper continues to play a role.

Bishop Mykola Bychok also saw the importance of the report contributing to his ideas. Church and Life has been a significant player in keeping our community informed. Like everything, life is changing; social media is now a dominant factor in the information space. A decision has been made to cancel the printed paper that has served this community.

Like anything, one door closes, another will open, and the Eparchy will look at ways to keep our religion and civil community informed.

The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO) takes this opportunity to thank all who have made this paper what it has been for over 63 years. We say taking you the contributors, sponsors and, most importantly, our readership. We thank God for blessing our endeavours over the years and ask that the Holy Spirit continue to guide us in delivering news in new ways. The AFUO acknowledges the significant contribution CHURCH AND LIFE has made to the Church and the Australian Ukrainian community.