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Bishop Peter: Not Just Statistics

Ukrainian Church

Over the last 10 years, our Patriarchal Vision 2020 group has been presenting us with a pastoral renewal programme to rejuvenate our church worldwide. After 10 years, the programme has proved to be very beneficial. A new pastoral programme for ...

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Ukrainian Catholics are unique

“Ukrainian Catholics in their total faith experience are on a journey from birth till the entry into eternal life” – Bishop Peter /© catholicukes.org.au

Ukrainian Catholics look at life and God in a different manner to others. We experience church from another perspective as well. While we may all be Christians, or even Catholics, our approach to God and the church is unique. Perhaps ...

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Church and Life. Noonday Demons

Noonday Demons

Just in case you are feeling restless, excitable and cannot pay attention to your work about midday, I have an explanation to you. It’s the “noonday demon”. You probably may not have heard about this particular demon, but he exits. ...

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Liturgical Catechesis

A living Liturgy is the place to meet the living Jesus Christ / ©catholicukes.org.au

“A living parish is a place to meet the living Jesus Christ.” “A living parish church is a place to meet the living Jesus Christ.” “A living parish priest is an instrument to meet the living Jesus Christ.” “A living ...

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The Mystery Of Ordination

The Sacraments of Ordination

If you look at the Sacraments of Ordination (Priesthood) and of marriage you will notice striking similarities. by Bishop Peter During the ceremony of ordination the soon to be ordained priest is lead around the altar three times, while the ...

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