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Bishop Peter: It is a Good Document

His Beatitude, Patriarch Sviatoslav ©ugcc.kiev.ua

On Thursday, 12th of December 2018, our Patriarch Sviatoslav issued a document called “God’s Word and Catechesis”. It is in fact a pastoral letter of our Synod which was written during the Synod of 2018 in Lviv, Ukraine. This document ...

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Dr. Kania: On Prayer – Part III

Prayer is one of the important manifestations of the spiritual life / Photo by: Tony D'Amico

Dead Souls (B) Yet that the individual seeks to meditate highlights that within this burgeoning market of meditation, there is an aboriginal element yearning within the most atheistic or agnostic man or woman which understands that they indeed have a ...

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Dr. Kania: A State of Disunion (Part II)

Marriage is the most difficult area of pastoral work /© Matt Madd. Flickr

A cynic or perhaps better said, a realist, could quite plausibly add that the capacity of the Church to validly celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage has been significantly compromised since the disintegration of the family unit in the Western World; ...

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The unsung heroes of Ukraine

The world is oblivious to what is happening in Ukraine – Russia has been waging an undeclared war over the past 4 years since the Revolution of Dignity and the ousting of Russian backed President Victor Yanukovych. The Ukrainian army ...

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