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Bishop Peter: I had a dream

Dreams are a method of communication

Everybody has had a dream, probably several times each night. Scientists believe that all warm-blooded animals dream during sleep. This includes your pets. That is all very natural. When we wake up, we very quickly target that we had a ...

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Bishop Peter: Not Just Statistics

Ukrainian Church

Over the last 10 years, our Patriarchal Vision 2020 group has been presenting us with a pastoral renewal programme to rejuvenate our church worldwide. After 10 years, the programme has proved to be very beneficial. A new pastoral programme for ...

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Chapel at Melbourne CYM Camp Blessed

About 200 people gathered at the CYM camp, Karpaty, near Buxton, Victoria

On Sunday, 22nd September 2019, about 200 people gathered at the CYM camp, Karpaty, near Buxton, Victoria for the blessing of the new chapel. The chapel was 10 years in the planning before completion earlier this year. Its patron is ...

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Bishop Peter: Doing your duty

"We need to help solve the problem – not to run away from them and act as if they do not exist."

There is one thing about 9/11 that sticks in my mind even till today. The picture of firemen rushing into the World Trade Centre, to their certain death, while everyone was running as fast as they could away from the ...

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Bishop Peter: It is a Good Document

His Beatitude, Patriarch Sviatoslav ©ugcc.kiev.ua

On Thursday, 12th of December 2018, our Patriarch Sviatoslav issued a document called “God’s Word and Catechesis”. It is in fact a pastoral letter of our Synod which was written during the Synod of 2018 in Lviv, Ukraine. This document ...

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