Our society, unfortunately, is ripe for confusion.  Despite all the education, technology, information which is now available, one continues to witness very odd practices and beliefs in the community.

 There are obviously many reasons for this, but by and large, they all stem from the fact that as we drift further way from the true source of life, Jesus Christ, we float over to the darker side of spiritual realities of this world.

 The Bible tells us tells us this about the evil one or demons.  They are spirits, many in numbers, are knowledgeable of God, are powerful, cunning, liars, organised, wicked, are permitted to roam and tempt and are bent on destroying Christ’s Kingdom. 

 The Bible also tells us that we have nothing to fear if we are followers of Jesus, repent, receive the Holy Eucharist, pray and are part of the Christian community.  After all, Jesus did come into this world to “save sinners” from sin and their own attempts to get it wrong.

 What signs do we see in our world that show we are drifting away from God?

 Well, one of the first things you notice is the popularity of horoscopes which is a form of astrology.  It is an ancient practice of trying to predict events on earth and in our lives by observing fixed stars, the sun, moon and planets!  Astrology pretends to predict human character and fate.  The Catholic Church has condemned this practice long ago.  Some call it a form of slavery.

 Then there is the art of forecasting the future by manipulating the placing cards.  These tarot cards are assumed to have certain meanings.  These 78 cards are supposed to hold all the secrets of this world and the next.  This practice was introduced intoEuropeby the gypsies.  It was then, and still is now, a means of making money by charlatans preying on the gullible.

 You can also choose palmistry.  This is the art of interpreting the life lines on a person’s palms.  It is an old art which, besides being sinful, is also expensive and very dangerous for those who have lost their faith.

 Then there is clairvoyance.  This is the art of reading minds and spirits to determine various so called truths.  Related to these are the use of crystal balls, mirrors, rock crystal and even still waters.  This is a form of fortune telling and again has been named as “playing” with the evil one.  The list goes on.  There is also fortune telling by reading the numeric values of names and birth days; there is tea cup reading and ground coffee reading; fire reading; dice reading and many others.

 All of these strange things are becoming more and more popular because we are moving further and further away from God.  Besides being unreliable, they slowly but surely put us into the control of Satan.  That is a scary thought indeed!

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