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St. Nicholas did not forget the children at North Melbourne

  St. Nicholas came again this year. He actually comes every year to all the children in the Ukrainian community in Australia. On Sunday 15th December he came to the Cathedral parish in North Melbourne. He came with a number of his angel friends because he had heard that there was a large gathering of children at the parish. He came with a big wagon full of gifts.


The children were on stage entertaining their parents, grandparents, and guests. Sr. Lukia OSBM had organized a pre-Christmas celebration. The children decided that they wanted to see St. Nicholas so they sang in Ukrainian the song “Who loves St. Nicholas?”. To everybody’s surprise St. Nicholas walked through the door amidst loud cheers of welcome.

As he always does, St. Nicholas spoke to the children and asked them about their recent behaviour. He only heard good news – all were very good so St. Nicholas promised gifts for all.   St. Nicholas then turned to the adults and asked if they had behaved. Unfortunately, unlike the children, he got a mixed response. Apparently some of the older ones did not always behave.

But being St. Nicholas, who loves all people regardless of their actions, he rewarded everyone with at least a small gift.   Everyone was happy, and since he had to visit other children elsewhere, St. Nicholas had to leave. All in the hall broke out in a song spontaneously, naturally with the same song the children had sung earlier “Who loves St Nicholas?” The answer is that apparently everybody loves St. Nicholas! Photo

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