Ask the Priest


I will convert to Catholicism and hope you could help me with my question
that I am thinking much about:
Is Gregory Palamas a Catholic saint? and is it ok for Catholics to read


Gregory Palamas was canonised in 1368 by the Patriarch of Constantinople.
He was born in 1296 and died in 1359.  He is venerated as a saint in Eastern
Orthodox Churches.  Although he is not widely venerated in the Roman
Catholic Church he is widely recognised and liturgically commemorated by the
Eastern Catholic Churches of the Byzantine rite.
The second Sunday of the Great Lent is the day we recognise him.

The Philokalia is widely read by all, including Catholics.  I have the books
and they are very good but be warned these books are about asceticism.
Asceticism is not for beginners in contemplation.