The Easter festivities continued in the Parish Community of Canberra and Queanbeyan on Sunday 22 April, with 62 people attending the traditional Easter luncheon at the St Volodomyr’s parish hall. Community members were encouraged to wear their embroidered blouses and shirts-with a prize going to Mrs Irene Forostenko for the best design.  Congratulations Irene! The celebrations continued with a lottery. The major prize of a trip to Mallacootta was won by Ashlee Peterson (prize donated by Marian and Julia Zachara); the second prize of a knife block was won by Peter Lutak (prize donated by Halina Zachara); the third prize of a $50 dinner voucher at the Hellenic Club was won by Geppert (prize donated by the Hellenic Club); and the fourth prize of $50 was won by Mrs Olga Domitriak (prize donated by Irene Schorsch).  Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to our prize donors.

  Curious about attending Ukrainian function?

Don’t be shy! We are a very friendly community so please join us and feel free to bring your friends along to enjoy our Ukrainian hospitality.  Our next function will be advertised on this website so please visit our site periodically to keep up with the latest, or subscribe to our mailing list at [email protected]. Children under 12 receive free entry to our functions as well so we encourage you to bring your children with you to enjoy some traditional Ukrainian food.  Don’t worry if you don’t speak Ukrainian, either- we converse mainly in English at the events and any Ukrainian formal speeches or announcements are translated into English so no one misses out.   to see all photos please click here