Lazarus Saturday:

  • During the day reflect about victory of Christ over the death
  • During the morning prayer at home:
  • Light the candle
  • Read the Bible (John 11, 1-43, Gospel according to John, chapter 11, verses from 1 till 43)
  • Reflect about the words you have read.
  • If you have children, download for them colouring pages or other activities about resurrection of Lazarus.
  • During the night family prayer read Psalm 124 (123) “If it had not been the LORD who was on our side…” (if you don’t have a Bible use this link: – 124)
  • If you have time participate in the online Divine Liturgy and other prayer of Church.

Palm Sunday

  • As Jewish people greeted Christ with palm branches to glorify His entrance into Jerusalem, so we need to glorify His entrance into our home by the “branches” of our virtues.
  • Before Sunday please prepare one pussy-willow branch (or palm branch) for every member of your family.
  • Prepare yourself and your family to the participation of the online Divine Liturgy according to the recommendations:
  • Create a prayerful space (remove distractions, set up an icon, Bible, candle)
  • Prevent technical glitches (plug your device, check internet connection, ensure volume is working, etc.)
  • Make this time sacred (prepare, avoid multitasking, don’t check notification, don’t do home duties)
  • Participate fully (engage your mind, body and soul in worship, say and sing responses  (as a help you can use ДивенСвіт Календар УГКЦ for most Ukrainian texts), sit and stand as usual, make a donation via direct debit)
  • Make a Spiritual Communion (though you will not physically receive Christ in the Eucharist, invite Our Lord to enter your heart and be present to you as if you were able to receive the Mystery)
  • Connecting with each other (after the prayer reach out to those you prayed with, leave a comment, send a message, call a friend)
  • If you have pussy-willow/palm branched, please put them and the Holy Water near the Icon (you can download the Icon here ( and then print it)
  • Participate in the online Divine Liturgy at 9 am (on our parish Facebook page:
  • After the Divine Liturgy priest will read the prayers of the blessing of the branches, please sprinkle your branches by the Holy Water
  • Reflect: what virtue every member of your family could offer to Jesus Christ.
  • If you have small children talk to them about the Christ Entrance into Jerusalem. Download some colouring pages or other activities about this event.
  • During night prayer read the Bible (Matth. 26, 6-16, Gospel according the Matthew, chapter 26, verses from 6 till 16.) (if you don’t have a Bible use this link: – 26)
  • Plan your Holy Week: time for prayers, home duties, etc.


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