There are various ways that you can become a Ukrainian Catholic. You can, of course, be born into the Church or you can choose to become one. Most of us are in the church because our ancestors were. People might have various understandings as to what it means to be a Ukrainian Catholic.

So if we chose to be a member or we are born into the church, we need to think and decide why we are members and what it actually means to be a Ukrainian Catholic.

As Christians and Catholics we belong to a church which had its origins over 2000 years ago. We actually follow the faith and vision which was given to us by Jesus Christ. We are Christ centred and model our lives on His teachings. We can say as with St. Paul who said in his letter to the Galatians “not I but Christ lives in me” (2:20). We are called to care for one another and to use our own unique gifts and talents for the good of the community and the world.

We believe in God who is our Father and Creator. That Jesus Christ is the son of God, that He was crucified but that He arose from the dead. We believe in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit imparts wisdom and understanding on us. We try to follow Christ’s teachings in our lives. We love others and practice forgiveness and mercy. We worship God through our complex liturgical life in the church. We trust Christ is found in each of the seven mysteries (sacraments).

We especially hunger for unity with God through the Eucharist in the Divine Liturgy. We pray and the most important prayer for us is the weekly Liturgy.

We read and study the Scriptures. We are devoted to Mary the Mother of God and see in the saints examples of faith and holiness. We work to respect and protect human life from conception to death.

We are especially willing to endure suffering and rejection as our saints and martyrs have. We love our native lands and feel that we belong to one very big family which is spread around the world.

We stand up for what we believe and speak for what we believe to be right, just, and true.

We believe in life after death and look forward to spending the rest of eternity with God, all the saints, and the brothers and sisters we lived with on earth.

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