The bible explains in quite specific terms on what is or is not a sin. The moral teaching of the church over the centuries has explained this quite well. However in recent days there have been people who have read what the Pope said and have either laughed or become somehow insulted. Whenever you say the word catholic the word abortion or birth control come to mind. Many of the pope’s critics I am sure have engaged in pre-marital sex. There are anti -abortionists, who have no problem with capital punishment. Sorry , but you simply cannot have it both ways.. God gave life , not Caesar. A pro -life person must be anti -capital punishment or be a hypocrite. I am sure there are Catholics in countries where owning an assault rifle or some kind of machine gun see no problem with this. May I gently remind them that they did not give life God did. I am not talking about hunting or target shooting. Other than that, a Christian simply does not shoot to kill. When one takes the moral high ground it becomes a tad dangerous. You must be without sin yourself. You may not say you are indignant at one sort of sin, but the sin that applies to you seems not to count. If you have not had sex before marriage, if you have never been drunk, if you have never deliberately hurt someone and if you have always been faithful to God’s teaching, by all means be a critic. Till that time, better look after your own moral life, and say the Jesus prayer. Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner. Rt Rev. Olexander Kenez