On a recent road trip with my son we were listening to a variety of music. One of the songs that I paid attention to was the hit by the American singer Bon Jovi “It’s my life”. The words of this song are quite interesting: “I ain’t gonna live forever, I just want to live while I’m alive.” The author of this song was comparing life to an open highway, where we need to act immediately because our every action has consequences. Therefore, it is worthwhile for us to think carefully before acting, as there are things that we may regret our whole life and which we cannot fix.

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Each of us has have made mistakes and then dreamt of having had a chance of doing things differently, to have had a different life, to start all over again. To have had the opportunity to experience pleasant moments again, met people who are no longer with us, to visit interesting places, but most importantly – been able to correct our mistakes. Even given a second chance, a second life, being human we again want another opportunity, another chance and then another, and so on, infinitely.

The good news is – that such a life is real, available and attainable by all of us!

Recently we celebrated Christmas, the beginning of the earthly life of the Son of God. Jesus came to this world in order to give us such a chance for another life – eternal life.

Today we are celebrating the feast of Epiphany, the beginning of our salvation. After being baptized in the Jordan river by John, Jesus Christ began his earthly ministry: he gathered a small group of people, the apostles, and began to preach the Kingdom of God. This group of disciples were the first members of the Church of Christ.

From the moment of our baptism we also belong to this group of Christians. From the moment of our Baptism, we begin our spiritual journey. Just as on a highway – we must be very careful: pay attention to road signs, pay attention to other cars, not allow ourselves to get distracted, obey the speed limits… Likewise, in our Christian life, we must be guided by certain rules: to obey the commandments of God, to consider and be considerate to other people, control our own behaviour.

It is also very important during long journeys to periodically stop for a few minutes in order to rest and gain strength. Similarly, it is also important during our life journey to come to Church every Sunday and feasts days – to strengthen ourselves by listening to the Word of God, by partaking in the Holy Eucharist – restoring our spiritual strength.

Every year on the feast of Theophany, we bless the water, drink it, wash our face with it and sprinkle it in our homes – to remind us that the essential aim of our life on earth, our possessions, our place of dwelling and even our bodies serve us – in our quest for eternal life with God. Additionally, this water cleanses our heart washes away dirt of sins, refreshes us, restores every cell of our body, renews us and gives us strength.

May the Lord bless us all, make our journey easier, pleasant and safe. Amen!