The Gospel of St John on this Sunday highlights one of a very elite group of healing miracles performed by Jesus. Each miracle was a sign that He had Divine Authority and that the Kingdom was amongst the people. In the healing of the young man born without sight, a more direct challenge is issued to not only the Pharisees and scribes but also to the parents and friends of the young man. If they considered their human glory, influence, or acceptance before men as being more significant than the glory to be attributed to God they would have great difficulty excepting that Jesus was acting with authority and by God’s Spirit.

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The young man comes to overshadow both the uncertainty and fear to be found in both the parents and friends who find it hard to confirm that they believe in the person of Jesus Christ. As for the leaders, who threaten both his parents and his person with expulsion from the temple, he shows the courage and inner sight which has been given him by Jesus healing him both physically and spiritually. It was for this that Jesus was sent by His Father into the world. He fights back against the Pharisees with the unforgettable words – Why do you question me (and my parents) at such length and with such a need to know for sure? Perhaps you also wish to believe and become his disciples? Jesus healed him and chose the young man to witness the healing power that He alone possesses. The scene ends with the Pharisees driving him out. Later, Jesus seeks him out and reveals Himself to the young man by asking “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” ….It is I who speak to you” To this the young man responds –“I believe” and also bows to Him.