“Come and draw the water of immortality. And so we fall before you crying out with faith: Grant us Your mercies, for You are the source of our life.” (Kontakion Perepolovenia)

In the gospel reading of the 5th Sunday after Easter, we listen to the story of Jesus’ meeting with a Samaritan woman. For her, it was an accidental and unpredictable meeting. She needed to go for water and did not expect to meet anyone, especially – the Lord himself. On the other hand, for Jesus, this meeting was not accidental, because He – God was waiting for her there, to help her – this lost child, and save her from sin and death.

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In this passage we have a good example of what happens to a person and their life when Jesus comes.

He knocks on the door of the house where one is not waiting for Him. He will help open the door of the soul and move a huge stone that is beyond human power. He will untie any tangled knots of life and illuminate the darkest corner of our soul.

God therefore goes on a journey from Heaven to Earth to help us make a pilgrimage with Him.

On this difficult path, the conversion of creation to the Creator takes place, from the unconscious to the conscious, from the completely lost to the saved.

Through the example of this woman, we hear about the miraculous healing of the human soul. At first, she perceives Jesus as an enemy, but after a while she looks at him as her interlocutor (Companion of dialogue) and talks to him as a friend. Later in the conversation, she starts to have respect for Jesus, calling Him Lord, and in the next step she recognizes Him as a prophet. The peak of their dialogue comes when the woman recognizes Him as the expected Messiah and Savior to the world.

She was deaf to God and was disobedient to Him, after meeting Jesus she became obedient to Him and opened her ear to others, becoming an apostle to the Samaritans.

So, we all have the same opportunity at Easter, to pass from sin to holiness -Passover- to the knowledge of the Savior, in whom all hope is the source of eternal life.

Singing the kontakion this Sunday of the Samaritan woman, especially during this time of war for our people and a difficult trial for each of us personally, let us ask Him for the Living Water and beg the Lord that these words may also be about us.

Drawn to the well by faith, the Samaritan woman beheld You, the Water of Wisdom, and drinking abundantly of You, she inherited the heavenly Kingdom foreverbecoming everlasting glorious.”