“Get the road ready for the Lord; make a straight path for him travel!(Mr. 1:3)”  This is what Isaiah prophesied about John the Baptist. (Is. 40:3)

These words are not only about John, but to us and for our Salvation. They are good news and good advice for every Christian.

John was a very interesting person for his contemporaries. People would come to him to see something new. To learn something or hear nice words, but there were also those who wanted to change their life, searching the way to God.

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So, John suggests that we only prepare ourselves and gives a simple solution: repentance for the forgiveness of sins. Straightening the way to our heart for the Lord: throwing away the stones of sins, removing all twists and turns from our path. After that, God finds a way to us, comes to our heart and puts things in order in our world. It is in the Holy Mysteries that we make it possible for this to happen and for the Savior to dwell in us. He transforms the poor stable of our soul into a Royal Chamber for His birth.

“Happy is he who carries Bethlehem in his heart,” says St. Jerome.

Therefore, let’s celebrate the coming of God so that He is born in our soul. Even if we think that we are not ready yet and our heart is likened to a stable, all is the same – open the door, let God enter and that we become a temple of the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor. 6:19-20)

If we recognise and truly accept that God is born for us in every Holy Liturgy, then we will recognize the signs of the times better in grace and will be able to celebrate His birth together as one God’s family and rejoice with victory – God is with us!