Luke 17:12-19

It is good for us today to think about why we have gathered at this camp, even though there is no formal camp program this year. Is it because we miss our CYM family?

Perhaps we like the atmosphere of camp- God, nature, peace? Maybe it is because we are grateful that we even have a camp, which has now been rebuilt after the disasterous fire? Maybe it’s a bit of everything.

It is good to think about it because the answer to the question speaks to others and ourselves about ourselves as individuals and as a group. Somehow we do things which are important, because they are important.

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It is necessary for us to be here today.

Today’s Gospel is about 10 men who are in need of better health. They are believers and, more or less, obedient to the faith they practise. They know who Jesus is, and they know that they need help. They could be any one of us.

They have one big problem. They forget the basic laws of behaviour their parents would have taught them. They forget to say- “Thank you”. That is 9 of them forgot.

What can we learn from this event that happened one day in the life of Jesus. Perhaps their biggest mistake was that they did not even realize that they did anything wrong. How often do we think of ourselves as being very good Christians or members of CYM? We think that we are doing absolutely the best we can. But can we do better?

It is interesting that these people could pray for help. They believed that they would get help. That is a good thing, a good start. When they got help, only one came back to say, “thank you”.

Our family, life, CYM life would have less problems arears if we learnt the lesson and were more grateful.

Lets’ first just pause for a few minutes and reflect what thanksgiving brings to us as a person.

  • It tells us that God is real and that He is present.
  • It helps us to fight self-pity. We do not let our troubles take us over.
  • Thanksgiving makes us positive in our outlook, sadness leaves us, and we complain less.
  • We relax more. We cannot be nervous when God is with us.
  • It can help us see how bad things in our life can actually be a blessing. God’s presence and power helps us to look at life in a better light.
  • Thanksgiving drives out pride. St Paul asks the question, “What do you have that you have not received?” Pride makes us think that whatever we have, we have achieved by ourselves.
  • Thanksgiving is a way of coming into communion with God. There is nothing better than that.

As we look around this camp, we see a renewed camp, beautiful outdoors, many good people, friends, peace and quiet. We have a lot to be grateful for.  This thanksgiving makes us into better people.

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