Many of our parishioners passed away in the last year in the midst of the Covid pandemic.

Due to the heavy restrictions which were in place, at the time, very few people were able to attend each funeral service. In some cases, even immediate members of the family could not attend. Most funerals were held without the presence of friends and relatives.

The Cathedral Parish Council promised that when the crisis eased, an opportunity would be made for the whole parish to gather to mourn those who had passed away.

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The cathedral was near the capacity allowed at present plus over 280 families watched the service online.

The commemoration was held after the Sunday liturgy. It was led by Bishop Peter Stasiuk and Deacons Edward and Michael.

The parish Council did a wonderful job of organizing the prayer service. The Basilian Sisters build a very beautiful shrine.

Each person’s name was slowly read. Family members carried candles and presented flowers. An honour guard of parishioners was present.

It was a very thoughtful and emotional service. Judging from the comments on social media, it was an opportunity to be at the funeral of those whose funeral we were not able to attend.

It was a very prayerful ceremony. Many stayed in church to pray privately.

Tekla Jaworski who spoke from the Victorian Community Association reminded us that those who left us are not dead, but they are “alive” and we will meet again in the Resurrection of the dead.